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We design and install the finest, most affordable, terraces in Toronto.  We take your standard grey,  condo balcony and magically we:

  • Create your favourite area for relaxing and entertaining;
  • Increase your condo’s size by adding a stunning new backyard;
  • Provide you with a cottage view without any driving involved;
  • Increase the value of your home by making it unique among your neighbours.

Why let only homeowners have the enjoyment of a beautiful backyard?  Why settle for concrete grey or a worn out carpet?  Take a look at some of our decking and designs and give us a call or email to start improving your living space today!  Without disturbing you in any way, we go off and build your space from the finest, sustainable and durable materials the world has to offer.  Installation usually takes less than one day without you knowing we were ever there.  No muss, no fuss, no dust.  Just a beautiful new living space for you to enjoy!



Terrace Creations was formed to respond to the incredible changes in our urban environment.  People are moving back into the centre of cities to be closer to their jobs, entertainment, services and night life.  To do so they had to give up their homes and more importantly, their beautiful backyards and access to nature.  We decided we could make that move easier by creating a new, spectacular, outdoor oasis for every condo owner in our cities.  A beautiful, natural space literally seconds from your living room.