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From simple decking made from locally sourced, knotty cedar to more elaborate designs incorporating wood, stone and grass, we like to do it all!  We feel that balconies are the most important outdoor space for any condo or townhouse owner and should be designed to be enjoyed throughout the year.


√  Focus on high quality, reasonably priced, decking solutions

√  Use of 100% recycled content or sourced from certified, sustainable forest companies

√  Fully insured

√  All staff are compensated very well with bonuses for customer satisfaction

√  Locally produced and installed in one day without any hassle

√  Always custom designed to make your terrace one of a kind

√  Two year warranty on all materials and workmanship

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Build and install beautiful, sustainable terraces to improve the living quality of our customers.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians.


Thanks Tim and Paul! We love the balcony and I am so glad I decided to go with the lights!   C. Savage, Toronto This was a smaller Toronto condo balcony where we installed Hazelwood composite inside a picture frame pattern.  Five inset lights on the outside of the balcony provided some beautiful lighting for the evening.